3D printing workshop given at IPAC Design

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We are very pleased to announce our recent collaboration with the IPAC Design school of communication & design. The school is located in Geneva and under the direction of Patrick Parquet, a one week 3D printing Workshop was organised in December 2014.

30 students originating from various design branches took part. After an introductory phase presenting 3D printing (evolution past, present and future), a similar brief was distributed to the students. Each group of students approached the brief through their own specific angle: communication strategy, interior design, and fashion design.

This resulted into an eclectic output of produced works; ranging from 3D printing used as a prototyping tool, as much as used as a promotional and activation tool within global communication campaigns. The results, and the whole experience, was extremely pleasing.

We wish to thank IPAC Design, Patrick Parquet and his team, as well of course as all the students for expressing such enthusiasm and dedication into this workshop! We sincerely believe this contributes to shaping the future of 3D printing into new and innovative directions.










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