A sneak peek into the world of 3D scanning and printing

3d printing

Check out how this is done – a 3D portrait production full process: from 3D scanning to 3D printing, print optimization and cleaning to delivery!

We use the technology mostly for prototyping trials and research in unique object development. It allows us to quickly test out some ideas and initial concepts.

We however remain a creative agency, playing around with new concepts and objects. But – rather unusually for creative agencies – we remain a creative agency with strong production understanding and capacities, allowing us to conceive original and unique concepts that WORK and can be producible! we like concrete results and solutions that can be applied and deployed.

Once our concepts have been tested and approved, we then resort to our China links to get to the serious business of mass production and logistics on a global scale. That’s your perfect example of Swiss quality mixed to Chinese enthusiasm and know-how. Our concepts can go from paper to mass production.

Do you have any potential project or concept you would like to see realised? come and visit us, we will be happy to discuss your matter. The more challenging the better! or if you just wish to have a chat about different possibilities, do not hesitate either, out doors are always open!

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