Here we tend to sit down, share a coffee and think about things (many things).

We use sleek looking Macs with large screens, enjoy a natural pinwood heated floor, collect some colorful and picture full books, and try to regularly feed the cactus (with not much success) as well as Daisy the cardboard sheep.

Come and stop by for a coffee!


While here we turn on the 3D printers, grab a hammer and splash some paint.We have available a whole range of 3D printers:

A professional ProJet 460+ which uses powder like technology and can print in full CMYK colours (sandy like finish)

A Formlab 1 SLA printer (very sleek smooth finish)

A classic Makerbot 2X FDM printer (great for quick and robust prototyping)

We then finish the 3D printed pieces manually, applying paint or varnish, mat and glossy renders. We can also work wood, metal and more, mess around and make as much noise as we wish.

And on weekends the Club on the same floor as us is a nice place to end up with a chilled beer