For this refurbishment project initiated in phase with Winston’s brand guidelines transformation, we adapted the guidelines to a physical manifestation form. We operated a full refurbishment of the sponsor zones at the Arena of Geneva by designing, producing, and installing the new interior and spatial design.

The Arena of Geneva is the largest entertainment venue in the French part of Switzerland, with a capacity of 10’000 people per event. Winston’s presence is constituted by 3 bar zones located on 3 different floors – the 1st floor with a large balcony area that we turned into an outdoor smoking lounge, the 2nd floor with the largest bar and a capacity of over 200 guests, and the 3rd floor with the VIP bar only open to owners of VIP passes.

Our designs refurbished each of the zones in a full manner; from floor plan and user-journey redesign, to decoration and activation elements design and production, and finally supervising the installation on location.

In total, the interior design refurbishment covered over 750 square meters divided on 3 floors, with also some specially designed mobile smoking units on wheels that could be installed outdoor next to the entrances. These giant ashtrays serve as brand visibility units seen from afar, as well as offer protection against wether to the users (against sun or rain as they could be opened).


Winston, JT International


Conception, design, full production and installation of the refurbishment.


2018 – 2019

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